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Seoul Korea Trip Part 3 - The Miscellaneous Haul (Bags..Stationeries.. Accessories...)

By uneekunique · September 10, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Purchases shown here are probably my most favorite for this trip. Love love love.... Those who love accessories will go mad in Seoul. I am very happy with my bag purchase. 5 bags for SGD$100/-! My preying eyes for cheap price tags helped. Hee hee... it made me so so happy when I was still there.. Let the pictures do the talking...



 Below: I love these leather bracelets which does not irritate my sensitive skin. Just a few dollars each...  And that ring was a wonderful find along a street side stall... About SGD$9.00.. Just let me be shameless for these two photos okay. Be my own model... Kekekek *stick out tongue.. 

Above: Cherry Coke from Seoul. You deserve it after going thru this picture-heavy post. :-) Enjoy it. *slurp..

Hope you get to Seoul to and have fun with the shopping and various as I did. 

p/s: Yes, if you had noticed, I do love Paris & Skelly!

Seoul Korea Trip Part 2 - The Beauty Haul

By uneekunique · September 10, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello! This is Part 2 of my Seoul Korea Trip posts. U know my love for nail polishes. I bought a total of 59 bottles from this trip. Some of them bought in Kuala Lumpur as I had spent a day shopping in Kuala Lumpur before my other leg of flight to Seoul. You might find it a pity but I didnt purchased a lot of make-up products. Just wasn't in a cosmetic buying mode this trip. Just bought stuffs I need. 

In Myeongdong area, it's a shopping heaven. You will find all the major Korean beauty brands. Some will have even up to 3-4 branches spread over just a few streets in the same area. The prices are so much cheaper than what you would pay for in Singapore of course. You can even buy stuffs just 1/3 or 1/4 of the highly-marked up Singapore prices.  

For your reference: 

Won 10,000 = SGD$11.40  

Won 5,000   = SGD$5.70

Won 1,000   = SGD$1.14 

Below: Just 5 cosmetic products I bought. Eyebrow pencils are cheap around W 2,500-W 4,000. A dark brown blusher from Holika Holika and a Brightening Bead Powder from ANI PLACE.  Everything at ANI PLACE was going for Buy-One-Free-One (of the same item). I could not resist picking up the powder in that lovely vintage looking case... It's just unique yet a classic. It also smell old school "yardley-like" l.. I knew I was sold. About W16,000 for 2 of that.

Above: Laneige Sleeping Mask is about 40% cheaper than in Singapore. And it a star buy for tourists there. You can easily find a Laneige counter at any Watsons store.

Below: The masks and lotions I hauled. Masks are really a good buy from there. I would have grabbed another 50 sheets plus few more tubes if not for excess baggage! The Tony Moly Collagen Eye-Mask (in the white pack with blue) I must comment, helped me with my big eye-bags, very well-absorbed by my skin. Retails for SGD$4.90/- here in Singapore. I got it for around 40-50% off there. The Face Shop's Raspberry Eye Mask is going for like SGD$9.90 for 2 packs in Singapore. There, it is around W30,000-33,000 for 20 packs. The Skin Food's Rice Mask is one of my favorite Korean mask since it was introduced to Singapore quite a few years back. Love it's whitening/brightening effect and it does not irritate my sensitive combination skin. It's about SGD19.90/- if I am not wrong here in Singapore. There around W7,000 only...        

 Below: Nail Polish from Essence & Elianto, Kuala Lumpur.


Below: From INNISFREE.

Below: From Tony Moly

Below: From Etude House

Below from Holika Holika

Below from The Face Shop

Below from Nature's Republic & Ani Place

Below from Skin Food

Below: Freebies for my purchases and visits to the Beauty Shops... 

 Thats all for this part! Part 3 coming up! 

Thank you for reading.

Seoul Korea Trip Part 1 - The Holiday Bits

By uneekunique · September 10, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello gals! How’s everyone? I have not post something for a long while and kinda of missing it. Need to learn how to manage time better and post more often in order to share more goings and also read more of your lovely posts.

So I went for a 8-days holiday in Seoul recently. A trip booked a year ago, so a lot of anticipation before it actually did happened. It was a holiday on easy breezy lax mode. Just slept in till natural wakey up, shopping, makaning e.g…, we just didn’t want to push it too much.

Somehow we got by not even knowing a single word of Korean. Maybe because we stay only within major parts of Seoul City and also being with elephant skin, not being afraid to hand-signs. *^___^*.

You can see the country’s effort in conserving her rich history. Lots of museums to house the amazing archive stuffs and for the educational part. It really is quite interesting for people who appreciate it and for any tourist from a very different country indeed. I mean NICE. It’s just so cool how in Seoul you can have office buildings right next to Royal Palaces within a short few minutes by foot. The now and then, at the same time. The country simply embraces art and history in many ways. When you get there, you will see what I mean. If you are an arty person, you will fall in love with Seoul.

Below: Gyeongbokgung Palace



Noticed anything from the above picture of the palace? Hee.  

Below: Some FOOD during the trip. Finally I tried a giant clam. But my food observations; in a typical Korean eatery/little restaurant, the food choices would be pretty much like what be easily bought from any Korean food court stall in Singapore. Really no kidding. I was bored after a short few days. Of course they do very good kimchis which are so crispy… I didn’t see a lot of Mcdonalds there. Only about 2 outlets out of my whole trip mainly in Seoul City. And I saw just 1 Subway that was nested in the so-called International area call ITAEWON. Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts are everywhere…. Those who love coffee; you will be spoilt for choices there. A café be easily spotted. There’s some serious coffee business competition there. Street food stalls at some traffic corners for quick bits. We also visited the Hello Kitty Café there. Quite a sweet little pinky place to have a cuppa and rest legs.




Below: Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace

 Below: Their "HDB" flats look very much like those in Singapore yeah?

 Below: National Museum of Korea. The sixth largest museum in the world in terms of floor space. 

 Below: Miscellaneous 



Well.. the above. Hmmm... I stayed on the 12th floor but aint the Presidential Suite lah.. Everytime I walked pass this sign, I wished! The same but not the same! What to do!? I stayed at the Grand Ambassador Pullman / Ex-Sofitel at Donggik University Area. Just a 5mins walk from subway so quite convenient and the hotel also provide free shuttle bus services to the shopping areas like Myeongdong which is a less than 10mins drive.   

Anyway, some general infos and my observations I would like to share, no offences. I do love Seoul, and it’s just my opinions:

(1)    The saying of “Excuse me” in their language is almost non-existent. Out of 15 people or more who bumped me like I am the pure eye-sore getting in their way, only one guy said the word I reckon is Korean Excuse Me with politeness while he was trying to get pass me…. They will shove, push u aside (enough strength for you to know) without hesitation just to have their way cleared even if you are not really stalling as you walk… The Singapore saying: “your lao pay’s road ah”? I wondered for many atimes. *shrugs

(2)    They love their beverages really sweet. I would example it to a 120% sweetness of a bubble tea here if you get what I mean. So watch out if you are ordering sweetened drinks at cafes. I was shocked a few times.

(3)    Whether they understand English or not, the Koreans, young or old, male or female, that I had enquired with or approached are all very helpful and obliging. They ain’t intimidated not knowing English and still helped me the same. Many even resort to walking some steps with me to show me even more clearly where I should head to.

(4)    There are many Chinese nationals working in Seoul, especially in main tourist spots and mostly are the Beauty Assistants. So there’s really no problem at those places. Isn’t that great? Considering we will visit Beauty Shops like there’s no tomorrow.

(5)    Their food courts work in a way whereby, you go to the main counter to order what you wanna eat, make payment, then get a ticket number. There be screen(s) around the food court, when you see your number, you then can go to the respective counter to pick up the food.

(6)    Free of Charge drinking water from dispensers is provided in most food courts and restaurants.

(7)    The Korean girls are really fashionable. Even casually they have a certain style or try to create style presence. You don’t see freshly shampooed wet hair on the streets. Let’s just say they make an effort. Perhaps not more than the Japanese but more than Singapore girls. Most of them really have very good complexion I envy. Is kimchi the secret behind their beauty? So jealous!

(8)    The subway system is good covering most areas conveniently for your free & easy travel. Food & Drinks allowed but still the trains and stations are clean. The subway culture there is quite different and eye-opening . You have beggars in the cabins. You have many people who would move from cabin to cabin; I assume to save time on not getting down at an exit point further to where they wanna be. You have sales people pulling their trolley of goods inside the train then give a loud sales pitch for all to hear. There could be make-shift stalls selling stuffs before you even get to tap out at station turnstile or just set-up in between train tracks….. Sale of stuffs in stations are common and most of their subway stations have shops aka Dhoby exchange style for some convenient shopping. A lot of our bargain purchases came from those subway shops during commuting trips. So keep a look-out.

(9)    Bring your own shopping bag. They will charge you for plastic bags for their green efforts.

(10) I see protest by people almost everyday. They could be in a group holding cardboards, lining up outside office buidlings, or could be all alone just by the roadside, by the train station.... It's really a common sight. 

If you plan to go to Seoul, you are in for an interesting trip. Have fun and hope you find some information useful from here.

Here's a flower for you all the way from Seoul. *here you go...

There be 2 more parts after this. Part 2 be The Beauty Haul and Part 3 be Miscellaneous Haul for non-beauty items.

Thank you for reading.

HAUL! Macau & Hong Kong Trip - Part Two

By uneekunique · February 7, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

So here are my loots, I shall use the average conversion of SGD$1.00 to HKG$5.80.

Below, Some cute stuffs for my dear niece, Norelle (maybe I just want them for myself!):

Cute hor! These McDull Pig Peach (from Mannings aka our Guardian) and Doraemon Rose (from Watson's) shower gels were like SGD$5.00/- a bottle....

Master Q is real Hong-Kongy! Bought from a convenient store. Love this comic in color.

I should keep this for myself..? Spongebob Band-Aid plasters I have never seen in Singapore...I will stick it on even if it mean I am so not hurt... ha...

Hmmmmm. This original Ed Hardy T-shirt was a big bargain. Down from SGD$118, I got it for around SGD$23 only! Love it on Norelle, perfect print for CNY. Also a pair of Papilio Birkies for only SGD$23/- down from like SGD$70/-...

There were Marc Jacobs kidswear going at crazy sale prices too but I could not find anything her size.

A little shopping story behind these lovely finds.. Me n pal walking along busy Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, walked past un-inviting, quiet-looking, expensive SEIBU departmental store on street level with a little entrance, we spotted this little poster on standee that read "Branded goods Sales".. yada yada... So we hesitated for a moment and then decided to check it out... Went down to like B3 or something then spotted this sale area. As we begin to browse, we both knew we striked treasure. Moschino, Emily, Paul Smith  yada yada going at great prices... I even spotted some cute pairs of MELISSA jelly sandals/heels but decided that I wasn't going to blow SGD$70-80 on a pair of jelly shoes though it is much cheaper than its retail price...  My pal bought, 5 pairs of genuine leather made in Italy/Spain heels from this place, with a value of around SGD$1500-1800, for a mere SGD$150/-!

Too bad the Papilio Birkies is one size too small for Norelle, have to sell it off! Grrrr...... What a shame, they are lovely aint they!?

Hello Kitty hair brush form H & M, think its SGD$5.20/-

Ellese Watch for the BF from City Chain, as I found the brown face to be quite unique. After 50% off, ard SGD$118/-

These tops I bought for sister-in-law and a gfren from the famous Ladies Market, choose any 4 pieces for HKD$100/- = SGD$17/-. So just SGD$4.30/- each!

Minnie Mouse Lipgloss from H & M for someone, SGD$5.20/-

Boots with a flat sole I found, also from the Ladies Market, bargained down to SGD$27/-.

Leopard print wedge, only SGD$12.00/- from a random neighbourhood roadside stall... Kekek...

PUMA cap with a bling logo... LOVE! From PUMA's outlet at Tung Chung Citigate Mall. Think around SGD$13.00/-

Brown BOHO sling bag form H & M for ard SGD$25.00/-.

Black studded chain handle bag for ard $40-45.00 from a shop at The Peak shopping galleria.  Fixed price store.... But I love this bag!  *shrugs

A "Marc Jacobs" bag... from Ladies Market ard SGD$30/-  *oopsy

A "Cath Kidston" postman bag from Ladies Market ard $40-45.00/-. This one was bought earlier when we arrived at Ladies Market and I had not mastered the art of bargaining. If not should be able to get it at a much much much cheaper price. Stupid me, ripped myself off for this one.

A matching wallet ard SGD$20/-. Think possibly be bought at ard SGD$10-13... Grrrr... Please don't tell me how much you bought your Cath Kidston from Ladies Market.. I will do better next time. *^__^*

Wallet from ESPRIT, ard SGD$23.00/-.

I was lucky to be there to catch the release of their COSMOPOLITAN monthly magazine with an ADIDAS shoe bag as a gift with purchase, so I did not hv to get it from KINOKUNIYA Singapore with a slightly higher price.  So I got two. Magazine was around SGD$6-8.00/-.

From Disneyland, I got a purchase with purchase, SCRUMP plush, for a mere SGD$13.00 down from SGD$52.00/-. And a Stitch tumbler and pen... No no no no no. these r not for Norelle. It's mine to keep. *^___^* And also a Mickey Mouse bling watch for ard SGD$60.00/-..

Some I-Phone 4 covers from Ladies Market.. U will find tonnes of these at great prices... In Singapore, they are so so expensive.

Latest Miss Marc necklace from the Marc Jacobs SPRING 2011 collection at Lane Crawford Times Square. Yes, this Miss Marc is not "Miss Marc"....

Ard SGD$95.00/-.  I gave it a pass after trying it for I am not a big jewelry wearing person. I prefer only wearing a watch. But I kept thinking about it after we left the store, even after we walked two streets away.. So had to go back for it. Heehee.. U know this feeling dont you? Wanna buy dont wanna buy.... Blah Blah Blah... BUY. Ha.

A brush roll with 18 brushes from beauy store ASTER a shop similar to Bonjour n Sasa but not as easy to spot/find. But they are the only store I know that have Lavshuca cosmetic so had to hunt it down. They have a branch around Times Square / SOGO. This is only for a mere SGD$15.00/-...

LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids gift soap, SGD$11.00/- from Macau's Venetian Shopping Gallery.

From Jill Stuart, the blushers are so smooth! I was also lucky to catch their two new range release dates so to have more selection of products.

From MISSHA, crackle nail polishes. They have 3 colors, Black, Navy and Brown. On a 20% sale, these were going for SGD$12.50/- each. Nice colors but shame that they are tricky to use and do not create good cracks like the O.P.I Shatter. I called the MISSHA store at Orchard Central before CNY, they have yet to bring these in but it is possible they would. The shower gel was a purchase with purchase for ard SGD$12.00/- and according to the SA, it is a limited edition. Oh well.. yeah I am sold the moment you said the word LIMITED EDITION....

And from Aster, Lavshuca loose powder for ard SGD$17.00/-. My first Lavshuca and I must say I am quite impressed. I find it to be long-lasting on my combination skin, didn't shine too much after a long day. Quite value for money.

KATE Nail Polish SGD$4.30/- and Nail Drying Spray SGD$6.60/-. We don't have KATE nail polishes in Singapore do we? Don't remember seeign them other than make-up items... I am a sucker for new things and I was curious to see if this nail drying spray works thus the purchase. If not it's not really important when you use a top coat like Seche-Vite... Yet to try it.. We shall find out soon....

From Biotherm at FACES, Aquasource Gel 125ml was a bargain at SGD$85/-. A 50 ml bottle in Singapore would be ard SGD$60/- I think... One of my fave scent... the Vitaminee spray.. And the 400ml Aquasource toner was a purchase w/purchase promo at SGD$22.00/- each.. It's SGD$65/- in Singapore. Save myself quite some bucks at this counter...

From SASA, some lip balms made in Europe in lovely vintage looking tin packaging. I am a sucker for vintage/tin packaging and could not say no to these. They smell so gorgeous, I hope they are good. these were going 3 for SGD$12.00/-.. And latest Puff De Cheek Blusher by Majorlica Majorca was already launched there. I am not sure bout now but when I returned before CNY, this has not been launched in Singapore yet...

At SGD$20.50/-. KATE Eyebrow gel SGD$12.00/- and brush SGD$3.80/- compared to SGD$19.00/- & SGD$6.50/8.50 here...

Biotherm eye make-up remover (lash care) at SGD$$23.00/-. I must comment about this product. It is great! Selling for SGD42.00/- here in Singapore, it removed my waterproof mascara so much easier than any others I had used before. N i did not have to lose some lashes due to hard removal of products. It is almost impossible for me not to lose a lash or two from mascara removal but I managed not to with this winner! It made me not find putting on waterproof mascara a pain anymore. Will definately re-purchase after this bottle even at a hefty price for an eye make-up remover...

I chanced upon this lovely shop call Two Girls while at The Peak shopping galleria, uncannily, both visits before, I managed to get plenty of stuffs from this dead-looking mall. Not at rip-off tourist prices. I don't understand why shoppers at the Peak are not uncovering this shopping gem.

Anyway back to this brand, they started in 1898, first cosmetic brand from Hong Kong. I read about it before from Hong Kong magazine and was pleased to kinda of chanced upon one of it's two stand-alone shops. Here's a link for you to check out more. So happy. I so want to buy everything in the shop with vintage pictures of the two sisters.... Got my mama this powder in tin case with a cute puff... ARD SGD$13-14.00/- I know she would love this. U would so smell it when anyone lift up it's cover, seriously!

Also a set of Rose shampoo and conditioner (500ml). SGD$10.00/- each. They also have it in Lavender and their classic Floral Water smell...I would so lug their shower gel too if I wasn't so afraid of excess baggage... Oh, if you have a HSBC credit card you get further 10% off... great nae! I foudn out when I paid for them... kekekek... My mama told me this is the brand she used in her younger days, and that most girls then used products from this brand... Imagine M.A.C going from generation to generation. It's cool. No one should lose traditions when it's good traditions.

Okay hope you enjoyed this haul post though its kinda of picture-heavy.

I wanna go back to Hong Kong & Macau again! Hope you get to go there soon too!




Macau & Hong Kong Trip - Part One

By uneekunique · February 7, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Recently I visited Hong Kong and Macau for a week before the CNY. Long awaited holiday and a very tiring one for we were walking for like 10-13hrs each day. Really busted. My legs were crying mercy. Anyway, me and my friends had fun with a lot of shopping and nothing much else. Ha.

Compared to 7-8yrs back when I first visited Hong Kong, I think the service standards now are much better. Language is not a big problem for many of them speaks very good Mandarin and it definitely helped big time that I speak some simple Cantonese though .

Macau was great too. It kinda of made me feel like I was teleported to a different era… One cabby told us that Macau has a history of over 800 years. That explains why. The buildings.. oooo…. Some are really really old like they are gonna crumble down on me any minute.. But I like Macau a lot. Lots of heritage preserved, love their architecture conservations. It’s a pretty safe safe and clean city. There’s much more about Macau besides casinoes.

Cosmetics and skincare products are really much cheaper than in Singapore I noticed, at least for the products that I know of. So it is a good idea to visit for a holiday also to stock things up of what we would use.  I was like a young little in a candy store each time I stepped into one of the beauty shops like Sasa. Tonnes of them around the city.

I had a lot of fun at Disneyland. Told my girfriends to allow me to be a kid for just one day. They said sure! Went on to ride in the Spinning TeaCup (good old childhood fun) which my gf spun it till she made sure I cry for mercy , shot some aliens in a ToyStory BuzzLightyear shooting range and other kiddy stuffs….

Weather was so cooling around 13-16 degrees, I wore norm clothes like I would in Singapore except for a pair of tights or leggings before my pair of jeans plus a warm jacket.

Ten out of ten girls we see on the streets were wearing boots. High, medium, low-cut whatever, just boots! It striked me and my girlfriend to buy a pair too! N we did. Even if it means we found a suitable pair two days till the end of our holiday.

Taxi rides were affordable and relatively cheap. Cheaper than in Singapore I think. Food were good and affordable. I had the best dim-sum in my life. Another dim-sum place we went, serves  dim-sum for like SGD$0.80 to SGD$1.50 for a bamboo basket of delicious noms? Hello?! Gee! Stuffed anyone crazy. N if you think it’s some dirty street places, oh no, its like a proper Chinese restaurant of standards.

The only bummer for the whole trip was that I had forgotten to bring along my new camera charger. Arggghhh…. Worst, because it is a pretty new model in the market, the 324456665 number of camera shops that I walked into to enquire with, do not have the charger for it, even if it meant I had made an effort to visit the official NIKON service centre in HongKong… Kwai kwai kwai…  So I only managed to snap some pictures in Macau for the first 2 days.  *slap self.

I shall leave the many photographs do the talkings for my haul and some holiday miscellaneous in two parts. This first part is just some sight-seeing photos..  Hope you would enjoy the pictures!

The Sofitel Ponte 16 which we stayed in Macau...

I totally dig these tiles of the old timesl Love the oldy feel. so want my dream house to have these!

Outside and inside The Venetian:

Macau Postal Box:

Can't resist taking picts of the flowers I spotted randomly:

Part Two coming right up!

Quick Hello! I'm missing blogging a lot & reading up on you gals!

By uneekunique · November 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So i have been missing in action here on my blog. so so so so sorry for those i own something or need to reply to.

work is just mad. tennis lesson started too (luving every minute of it big time except when picking up the balls!). home laptop n desktop down. feel so handicapped n disconnected.

for some reason, i have not been able to login to my onsugar account at all too on my iphone. perhaps settings or something. so i can only use the 5 mins or so freetime if any "luxurious" moment i can spare during office hours to visit quickly. So sad that I have not been able to catch up on reading your blogs. What have I been missing out huh!?

i can be reached at twitter: thefacedoodler if anything.

I own you a discounted DFS shopping spree & wanted to update you on your price queries which I had received but now realised I left it at home! Bummer! Haiz. Solly!

I am on leave tomorrow. Be visiting the Shiseido sale tomorrow morning if anyone else is going. I look forward to say hi to u then.







Something Cheap & Something Won, Made Me Really Happy....

By uneekunique · October 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

hee hee, just a quick a casual post, cant seem to fit these two picts into other posts without being odd...

cant believe how lucky i am to have won one of Her World 50th Anniversary Lucky Draw Prizes. Hiak Hiak. An Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE line Hamper with 5 products worth over $1200/-. Woots ho ho. Like christmas came earlier or something. So i have been a good good girl past year? So blessed. :-)  It is definately not something i would buy on my own accord normally due to their high prices. So this is like a treat for my "aging" face. I can so start to use Anti-aging products now liao lor at 30yrs..... When r the MRT tracks gonna start appearing?  :-(

Please share my joy and don't see me as a show-off.  Anyone tried PREVAGE products to share your thoughts?   

And a little bargain at bugis pasar malam made me happy too... a pair of rock-chicky slippers for only $6/-! wahaha. cant believe i can find such a good deal. Quite comfy too. Very different priced items but all made me happy the same!

Thanks for reading.


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I Helped Copied This For U Gals: HKG New Monday Mag w/Adidas 2-Way Tote Bag

By uneekunique · October 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

OnSugarettes who are interested, entries will end Friday 29 October 2010 at 8pm Singapore Time. 

Released 2-3 weekends ago in Singapore and sold out everywhere due to it's limited quantity. i managed to snap a copy of the Hong Kong New Monday Chinese Magazine banded with an Adidas 2-Way Tote Bag for one of you gals. 

It will be available to you at it's original price of $9.20/- (after my kinokuniya's member discount). You will receive the brand-new in packaging copy you see in the pictures, never opened. Pictures are taken with an extra one i have.


Pretty good for casual wear, sports wear or just as a bright sporty recycle bag. You can fold it into half and it is a small hand carry bag or not folded, it become a bigger tote bag, very functional.  

Good things are meant to be shared. I am not earning your money here.

Just leave your interest in the comments. If there are more than 2 interested parties, buyer will be determined via a random system. Selected first buyer please complete payment within 2 days from email/onsugar notification, if not i will pass the purchase to next selected buyer.

I can meet-up at orchard on a Saturday afternoon or mail via registered mail only. Magazine is heavy. I can just mail out only the bag if you want. 





Guess How Many Nail Polishes Do I Own??? Small Giveaway

By uneekunique · October 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Just for fun OnSugar babes!

Have a guess, the total number of color nail polishes I own currently (excluding base/top coats e.g) and the person who guess it right will win a little humble something. If there are two person who predict the same correct answer, then i will choose winner via the random system.  One entry only please, per OnSugarette.

You could probably count "some" from the picture but i do own some more elsewhere than what you see in the picture, due to lack of space, cant put everything together. So... Have a go... No more hints.

Have fun! This will end on Sunday 31 October 10pm Singapore Time.



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5 Bottles Nail Haul - OPI Burlesque, ORLY Cosmic & Essie..

By uneekunique · October 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

hee hee nothing new right!? a headline like this....

Lets see what colors did i add to my current stash:


OPI Burlesque - Extra-Va-Vaganza (left) & Sparkalicious (right).

ORLY Cosmic - Space Cadet (left) & Galaxy Girl (right).

ESSIE - Lapis of Luxury 

I didnt plan to get any from the OPI's Burlesque collection initially but am glad i did in the end! Love the sparkles in each bottle! Ooh-la-la! I can't wait to catch that same titled movie starring Cher & C.Aguilera. Shld be entertaining.

The formulas of Space Cadet & Lapis of Luxury are disappointing being runny n so sheer, you need a good-3-4 coats.

No more hauling of nail polishes after these n my order of a bottle of Rescue Beauty Lounge as they are going to be on 50% off, that shall be my last nail polish purchase for a while till perhaps christmas specials or january when i go on holiday.


N you will know why in the next post. There are a lot more new colors which I have yet to even wear for once!? Still lining up and waiting for their turn to get my attention. *wiggling finger left to right...  NO MORE BUYING, NO MORE BUYING of Nail Polish.....

Who needs to join me in the ban? *^___^*     

Thanks for reading! 






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All photographs/images in the posts are my own otherwise I will extend credit to the source of it. Please extend credits accordingly if you are using any of my photographs/images.